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I usually do not post about news but it’s been a couple months since I posted anything and with all the talk this past week I felt it necessary to say something.

Most of you probably follow @pod2g on twitter (if you don’t STOP reading this and go follow him now.)
If you already follow him then you’ve seen his latest tweets regarding the progress in A5 jailbreak and especially his tweet saying that @planetbeing was able to escape the sandbox and earlier tonight they were able to get unsigned code running on the iPhone 4S.


see demo video

This of course is great news for all us that have been waiting the jailbreak since October 14th.

Now, despite all these great tweets from @pod2g @planetbeingand even Cydia founder @saurik himself let’s remember to remain calm and patient. And not bug them with ETAs? They will release it when it ready. They always do. It’s important to remember that there’s always a good reason they have not released it publicly yet. Whether it be the people that don’t fully understand how a jailbreak works only that it makes their phones look cool that bug them about ETAs would fuck up their device and blame them or just because pre-maturely releasing a can close an exploit that can potentially be used later after Apple releases and update.
Keep this in mind before you send out those tweets to members of the dev-team.

A better explanation of the ETA issue.via @iEnthuasist by @planetbeing

@kp1877 , creator of #iJailbreak Project, said it best earlier today…


Seeing as how it’s already 3 in the morning (Monday) while I’m writing this and jailbreaks are usually released on Sunday i.e. SUNDAY~FUNDAY! I would suspect that with all the progress that was made last week and with proof from the demo that they do have an untethered jailbreak running that we can expect redsn0w to be updated by the end of this week and released Sunday at the latest. But if not I will continue to sit here and just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dream.
Dream of the day that code can freely on my device. That themers and devs can walk hand and hand with Apple.