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Despite my butterfingers, I am generally not a fan of cases for my iPhone and prefer to keep naked, and although everyone always raves about Otterboxes, and yes they are a great product, and do a great job of protecting your phone from drops and getting wet (damp), I find them to be ugly and entirely to bulky and the designs just don’t do it for me.
But After hearing about the Lifeproof water/dirt/snow/shock proof case and it’s sleeker design than the Otterbox i thought I’d give them a shot. Maybe I cOuld be converted to a case guy.
I admit a couple videos i saw of people taking underwater video footage helped persuade me. (not being the avid scuba diver I am, but you never know. )


Lifeproof definitely gets an “A” for fast proceesing/delivery, i only waitined three days after placing my order, I should say I ordered Wednesday morning and received it that Saturday via USPS, should i have ordered after 2pm I probably would have not received until Monday or Tuesday so keep that mind and always be patient when waiting for orders.

At first The case was a actually little bigger than I had in mind, but after examining it right away i realized it was a pretty sleek design and would fit snugly to my phone.

if you plan on ordering one please follow ALL INSTRUCTIONSbefore doing anything. You may damage your case or worse your phone.

This case Definitely follows trough on what is promises. After several water test and drop test my iPhone 4 (yes, i used an old device) continued to work with no problems. No water made its way into the case and no dings or scratches to the case.
The front protector part of case seems not to lay as flat against the screen as I would like; and I am Plan to contact them to see if maybe i received a slightly faulty item; but it makes your device require a slightly heavier finger for the phone to recognize your touch entry.
And due to bulk, although small (I believe 1/16″) added around your phone, for us with small hands we can not perform task with one hand as easily with a naked phone.

how does it sound?
It does cut down on the volume of your speakers a little bit, but that is to be expected with any case that covers your speakers. But it works great with the adapter kit for your apple’s hands free earbuds.

All and all I would give Lifeproof an 7.5/10.

However, i do not see myself Using this as everyday caSe. I will most likely just keep it on my old iphone4 and switch it to the 4S, whenever I go on long trips, fishing, camping, hiking, or do something that I may be exposed to elements i am not exposed to a daily basis.

My favorite part of my Lifeproof case is I will still be able to skin with an iCarbonsdotcom skin.



Check both sites out and get yours today.

I am Including a quick video to show you how well Lifeproof works in water and against drops.

Quick look at Lifeproof in action!

For those concerned about your iCarbons skin staying in tact on your Lifeproof if you take under water.
I placed My phone in its Lifeproof case with an iCarbonsdotcom skin on it for an hour and it is good as new. No bubbles, no peeled back corners.
I would say the skin in addition to the case is 100% waterproof as well.
So be sure to order one for your Lifeproof case.