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There a countless apps in AppStore for editing photos that allow to do anything from cropping and rotating to changing color, adding textures, changing backgrounds,or taking that photo of you in your living room and making it look like you spent the weekend at the Pyramids. Although all these are great and some are really fun, some cost money and ironically, the novelty outweighs the convention making them not worth to some people. #PhotoEdit adds a very simple tool to your native Photo app.
Just take a picture. Open photos and find the pic you need to edit.
Tap the button at bottom left that prompts you to Share/Use as Wallpaper/Assign To Contact but now your notice a new Option at the top.


Tap the “Edit” button and your photo will open in another screen smaller with your wallpaper visible.
In this screen you’ll see a few buttons along bottom of screen.
Two half circles with arrows on the end at bottom left. These are the “Clockwise” and “Counter-wise” buttons, (no explanation needed.)

To the right of those buttons there is an arrow pointing left, (this is the Undo button.) This will only UNDO the last action and only the last action.
The other button is an arrow coming out of a square and shooting to the right.

This button allows you to change the color to either “Grayscale” or “Sephia.”




Posted: September 29, 2011 in Mods, Reviews
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The Native SMS app is one my most modded parts of my phone. I’m always looking at ways to tweak and enhance it any way I can. Be it installing alternate SMS apps (biteSMS) or adding features and functionality to the native app.
I’ve added “Chat Pic,” “Ask to Send,” “Quick Dismiss.” “Quick Reply,” and of course I’ve used “biteSMS” and “tLert,” last three of which add the most sought after feature of SMS tweaks. Replying to SMS while keeping apps running in background. (I prefer Quick Reply.)

Beyond SMS does none of these things, but it does add a few really nice features and one really cool novelty.

BeyondSMS allows you to lock and/or hide textversations. Now what you decide to use this for is up to you. There are many reasons one might want to hide a conversation from someone, and if you can find one then BeyondSMS is just a click away.

The most useful feature of BeyondSMS is the “Lock SMS app” switch. This allows you to place a passcode which is required before launching your SMS app. It is compatible with Locktopus and even adds a little more security where Locktopus fails. If you search for an individual text in Spotlight you will be prompted by BeyondSMS for passcode, where Locktopus only locks the app itself.

BeyondSMS is configured in Settings and doesn’t require Respring after changing your settings.


After you have all BeyondSMS set up the way you like it you’re ready to use it. Open SMS app and you’ll see a new button option while editing texts.



BeyondSMS is not just a tweak for locking and hiding your SMS conversations It also gives some old school text a new school appearance. Text to Emoji.
Instead of switching that keyboard over to make that face. Just type :O . Youll be  after you see this next feature.


The most unique feature in BeyondSMS is definitely “Add Camera Background to SMS.” Great for watching tv and texting, texting while talking to someone, and of course now you can see that on coming car you are about to hit while replying to your girlfriends text that reads “Hi.”


The only “bug” I found was that if you have a textversation “Hidden” and you delete all other conversations you can not “show” hidden conversations until you receive another text from a different number. At that point your “Edit” button returns to top left corner and after tapping Edit your Hide button appears in top right. Also if you use the search bar at the top of SMS app you can find hidden text, which is good if you need to relocate a conversation but bad because it’s not “completely hidden,” But if someone is snooping around your phone that much they’re going to find what your trying to hide anyway.

And this week Tyler Calderone
(the dev behind this cool tweak) is having a SPECIAL – THIS WEEK ONLY SALE!!! –
Get BeyondSMS in BigBossRepo for just $1.99.

If you have any questions or feedback please leave comments or as always hit me up on twitter @j7fk13

Thanks for your time and happy jailbreaking!

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This will be quick.
I have a couple tweaks to check out that will change how you use your phone.


“Gesturizer” is a cool tweak by Conrad Kramer the same dev that gave us “Gaviboard,” that let’s you assign gestures to launch your apps.
No more scrolling through pages on your springboard or digging through folders. Open the switcher (most of us Tap home button twice,) then – Just Draw.

Gesturizer is configured in Settings and you can add as many gestures as you want to your apps or actions in Activator.

You will want to avoid drawing an glyphs that are similar in shape such as circles and the letter “D.” Gesturizer can be a little sensitive and it’s important to draw distinct shapes. It’s also important to know and remember that Gesturizer may not recognize your shape you’re drawing, but it will always recognize a shape. So launching an app you are not intending on launching is possible and very likely if you have similar glyphs. Take this into consideration while creating new glyphs.

I suggest squares and triangles or letters with straight lines and no curves. Although my Cydia glyph, a square with a “C” inside, works perfectly well.

Gesturizer is definitely a tweak you can live without and although very cool, because of it’s not a necessity may bit over priced at $2.99. I know it’s only a dollar but $2.00 seems about right for this and it that price I could see adding it to all my devices.

But don’t let a dollar stop you from checking it out.



KB Shortcuts turns your keyboard into a toolbar and gives each button another function.

Brought to us by iSam and available in BigBossRepo for $2.50 and definitely a tweak you’ll use at least once a day. So. I would say perfectly priced.

#KBS is enabled and configured in Settings and you can add “Quick Text” to insert as well.
Quick text are great for anything you write or text often.
Such as “New blog up,” “Check DM,” “Test,” “#iLoveTheCommunity.”
Now you can say all these with a single swipe.
When KBS is enabled just swipe from Space Bar to the letter/number of desired function. For “Help” swipe to “?” and your help menu is appears.


All quick text are assigned to numbers that you yourself give them in Settings.
KBS gives your keyboard the ability to cut, paste, undo, redo, define, translate, or find key words. That’s just a few functions it offers and many you may never use which in my opinion makes it more valuable but value is in the eye of the user, so all I can say is at $2.50 it is priced just right for me.
It does have some stability issues and for anyone who types fast (like me) it will give you some headaches because you will unintentionally use “shortcuts” that turn that email or blog your composing into a long cut, and it may cause certain apps to crash.
I would recommend in an update he have a better way of activating KBS to perform function. I love the swiping gesture but it’s frustrating typing fast and then accidentally moving your finger too fast from spacebar to “x” and cutting your entire body of text away.
I would suggest either (a “spacebar to ” ” to spacebar swipe) or (hold spacebar for two seconds then swipe ” “) if at all possible in a future update.
Also the disable function is too easy to hit ( space -) and there is not an enable function without going into settings and respringing.

Overall it’s an awesome tweak that I could actually see eventually in some capacity being a part of stock iOS.

If you have any questions or feedback please leave comments or as always hit me up on twitter @j7fk13

Thanks for your time and happy jailbreaking!

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It’s so great when a developer creates something to add to our native apps that should be there from day one. Why the Apple either misses these things or just flat-out refuses to add them or sees no use for them still confuses me. Although I suppose it does always give them a new toy to add to future firmwares. After all, many of these tweaks that have “compromised the functionality of the device” in the past may seem familiar to you. Folders, Backgrounder, Wallpaper, the list goes on.

This week we see yet another tweak added to in the BigBoss repo by Evan Coleman, follow Evan on twitter (@edc1591). Speed for Maps is for iPhone ONLY and requires iOS4+ and although it could easily sell for $0.99, it is FREE.

Speed adds a small black circle to the bottom of your native Maps app and displays your speed. There is no icon added to your home screen and it can be changed to display in MPH (miles per hour), FPS (feet per second), KM/H (kilometers per hour), MPS (meters per second), or even Knots (kts) for those traveling by sea.


App Tag

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So I came across a neat little tweak for your iDevice. It’s called #AppTag by @Onjai and it’s available in @macciti repo for FREE.
It’s a very simple tweak that doesn’t offer any functionality but it will give your device a little more character.
AppTag allows you to add a Custom Badge to any app.
Adding a badge is very easy.
To Use AppTag set icons into “Wiggle Mode” then Double Tap icon you wish to set badge for and you will get a pop-up prompting you to “Set New Badge”

To remove badge follow same steps then simply remove.


This simple tweak if updated could be pretty cool. And it does have one major issue, the badge is removed if the app has notifications attached to it. lets say you add “Text” to your SMS app, after receiving a SMS the badge will be removed and you’ll have to manually add the badge again. Also if you have a font installed it may not fit. So you’ll get this…

I would like to see more from this app. Changing the color of the badge or even the shape. perhaps in future updates but for now it’s worth every penny.

If you have any questions or feedback please leave comments or as always hit me up on twitter @j7fk13

Thanks for time and happy jailbreaking!


How to Make an Invisible Folder.

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Mods
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In this blog I will share with you a tweak I found for your Folders on iOS4. It’s really a trick that uses two different apps that can be found in Cydia. You will also need to download this file from @modmyiInvisble Folder” Sorry if this blog seems remedial to advanced users but I want to be as simple and clear as possible.
Invisible Folder Theme – Now available in Cydia @modmyi
I made a typo when I submitted Invisible Folder to modmyi.
You will have to Search “Invisble Folder” I left out the “i” between the “s” and “b.”

Let’s get the SSH part out of the way. After downloading the file, unzip, then once SSH’d, drag Invisible Folder theme into the Themes.#### on your iDevice. If you aren’t familiar with SSH, just go to YouTube and type in “SSH iPhone.”

Now, open Cydia and search for and Install “Infinifolders” from chpwn. And while that loads, be sure to go ahead and FOLLOW him on Twitter. Now, this is a paid app, so if you are a cheap ass then don’t even bother finishing this post, because I will not be able to help you.

After you’ve Installed Infinifolders, you will need to Restart Springboard.

Return to Cydia and Search iBlank. iBlank is an app that allows you to create blank icons for your Sprinboard. This comes in handy for organization purposes and theming. Of course this app is almost useless now, since chpwn gave us GridLock. Which allows you to place your icons any where you wish on your SpringBoard. Rather than the very regimented four row, next open space icon placement that Apple chose for their SpringBoard. Remember Windows 95? Yeah, it’s like that? GridLock is not required for this tweak but I highly recommend you get it.

After you have iBlank installed, it will appear on your SpringBoard in the next open spot, just like any other app you would get from the AppStore. Once iBlank is open you will then be instructed to Select the number of blank icons you want to create. You will need 9 blanks. So simply press 9 and wait while your icons are created then EXIT iBlank. Go into WinterBoard and select “No Icon Shadows – iBlank.” You will of course ReSpring.

Okay, so now we have the THREE things we need to get going.

1) Invisible Folders.theme 2) Infinifolders 3) Nine Blanks Icons


Make your Icons Wiggle. To do this, press down on any icon (preferably the one you wish to move into the Folder you are creating.) Once you are in Wiggle Mode, your blank icons will have a X in the top right corner of each icon, or bookmark, as that’s what it really is. If you’ve ever deleted an App, you will recognize the X. Be careful not to delete your blanks. It won’t hurt anything, you will just have to go back and create more.

Step 2

Drag ALL nine blanks into a Folder.

Step 3

Name this folder ” “. In order to name the Folder ” “. Hit space bar twice. This will leave the Folder nameless and no text will appear underneath the Folder.

Step 4

Now, drag the Apps you are want, into this Folder.

Step 5

After you’ve got the Apps you are trying make invisble. Go into WinterBoard and select the Invisible Folders theme. You will of course, Respring. After you a have done that, unlock and you remember where you had the Folder. It’s not there is it? Click where you had the Folder. BOOM!!! INVISIBLE FOLDER!!!

Step 6

Go into Wiggle Mode. Move Folder any where you’d like. Just remember where you put it.

That’s it guys and girls. I hope you like this tweak and that the vid was helpful. I’ve attached a video, recorded with DisplayRecorder. And stay tuned to JAMonsterEnergy YouTube Channel for a visual tutorial.

Quick Video Tutorial

Note: My Invisible Folder theme will make ALL FolderBG transparent.