Mission Controls

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Reviews
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I am a junkie for any tweak that lets me be lazier while using my phone. I’m sure we all have SBSettings which allows us to toggle on/off our Wi-Fi settings, 3G, Data, Location Settings, or kill processes along with many add-ons. If you don’t have SBSettings it should deginitiey be one of the first things you always install after jailbreaking that and of course Winterbaord.
Yesterday I installed what is quickly Becoming my favorite tweak other than “Hands-Free Control” and “Siri Toggles” but since those are A5 tweaks (yes I am aware of Spire, but let’s assume there is no Spire.) I lean more toward Missions Controls due to the fact I can use on my iPhone as well. mission VControls not only allows a quick launch of SMS, Mail, Launching Safari directly to any URL but a few other non-native apps we all use 100x day.
Mission Controls is the latest tweak from @coffeejayyy who also brought us CommandSpot which has some similar functionality as MissionControls but allows the ability to Lauch more apps and even go directly to any of your tweeps page from anywhere on device .i have both and each tweak has its “proper” time To use which depending on users you will figure out which you like the most.

Mission Controls does not add any icons to the springboard. It is configured in Activator,


so you to control when/how you want to use it.
I have two activation methods.
While my phone is locked i double tap Lockscreen clock and for other times i selected the “Shake Device” method.

Once you’ve perform your action you will see this drop down from the status bar. –

Everything is pretty self-explanatory now.

The only real issue I have with This tweak is i’d like to see in an update the ability to launch Clock app. Especially from the clock screen.
**yes, i am that lazy. 🙂
Other than that I Iove it.

Mission Control is available for FREE in the @modmyi repo but well worth $1.99 if he wanted to charge.

Thanks for reading. Please give any feedback and feel free to ask any questions.
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