Speed for Maps

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Mods, Reviews
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It’s so great when a developer creates something to add to our native apps that should be there from day one. Why the Apple either misses these things or just flat-out refuses to add them or sees no use for them still confuses me. Although I suppose it does always give them a new toy to add to future firmwares. After all, many of these tweaks that have “compromised the functionality of the device” in the past may seem familiar to you. Folders, Backgrounder, Wallpaper, the list goes on.

This week we see yet another tweak added to in the BigBoss repo by Evan Coleman, follow Evan on twitter (@edc1591). Speed for Maps is for iPhone ONLY and requires iOS4+ and although it could easily sell for $0.99, it is FREE.

Speed adds a small black circle to the bottom of your native Maps app and displays your speed. There is no icon added to your home screen and it can be changed to display in MPH (miles per hour), FPS (feet per second), KM/H (kilometers per hour), MPS (meters per second), or even Knots (kts) for those traveling by sea.

I don’t know why I enjoy this tweak so much but I really do. I think it’s just because it seems natural, like it should be there. It’s not fancy , it doesn’t make noise although, that may be a nice thing to add to future updates. I would love to that added in the future so once you reach a certain speed that you can choose it notifies just in case you have a heavy foot and tend to not look down at your speedometer. I’m not sure if Evan has any plans for updates to Speed but in the meantime I suggest you race over to Cydia and install Speed for Maps right after you read this.

If you have any questions or feedback please leave comments or as always hit me up on twitter @j7fk13

Thanks for time and happy jailbreaking!



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