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Posted: August 6, 2011 in Mods, Reviews
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So I came across a neat little tweak for your iDevice. It’s called #AppTag by @Onjai and it’s available in @macciti repo for FREE.
It’s a very simple tweak that doesn’t offer any functionality but it will give your device a little more character.
AppTag allows you to add a Custom Badge to any app.
Adding a badge is very easy.
To Use AppTag set icons into “Wiggle Mode” then Double Tap icon you wish to set badge for and you will get a pop-up prompting you to “Set New Badge”

To remove badge follow same steps then simply remove.


This simple tweak if updated could be pretty cool. And it does have one major issue, the badge is removed if the app has notifications attached to it. lets say you add “Text” to your SMS app, after receiving a SMS the badge will be removed and you’ll have to manually add the badge again. Also if you have a font installed it may not fit. So you’ll get this…

I would like to see more from this app. Changing the color of the badge or even the shape. perhaps in future updates but for now it’s worth every penny.

If you have any questions or feedback please leave comments or as always hit me up on twitter @j7fk13

Thanks for time and happy jailbreaking!


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