Posted: November 27, 2010 in General
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So today marked the Very First #SaturdaySwap™!
If you are on Twitter then you know about Follow Friday? Marked with the hash tag #ff. This a day to let all your followers know who else they should be following. It’s a good way to spread your network and gain more friends.

With that being explained: what better way to welcome your new followers than confusing the shit out of them? Enter SaturdaySwap™!

On SaturdaySwap™ You will exchange avatars with one of your peeps (someone who follows you and you also follow) and carry on the rest of the day as normal.
IT MUST BE A SWAP, You and one other person.
This will cause severe confusing to your old followers and your new ones as well, albeit not as much.
It’s already causing a stir and it’s only been a couple hours.

#SaturdaySwap™ is a concept I came up with last week and I was very happy to ask @tinasintunes to help me get this started.
So, that’s it. Simple as that.

Find someone on twitter, switch avatars with them. tweet all day.
I’d like #SaturdaySwap in most tweets. It will help with some confusing if the tweet has #SaturdaySwap™ and of course having it trend will be awesome!
Well if you have any questions, ask me on Twiiter @j7fk13 and Have FUN boys and girls


Will do a giveaway for participants in #SaturdaySwap™

Have not made any rules probably random winners. Both Swappers will win a gift.

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