iCarbons Review (One Week Later)

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Reviews
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So it’s been just over a week since I’ve skinned my iphone4  with the white iCarbons skin. If you did not  read my iCarbons Review please go back and see that one first. I included a few pics and a quick vid look at what the final product is like. So in this review I will be going back over some of the issues I had and if they have become better or worse. We all know the feeling of something being GREAT out of the box and then TERRIBLE a week later or even not being completely sure about a product and then having it grow on you. I will be doing these follow up reviews to address those feelings.

My biggest problem I had with my iCarbon skin was that the front was NOT sticking to well to the phone.  I even wasted one shield because I had to make so many adjustments my first try. This, however, could have easily been avoided had I not been over confident and took my time. Initially I had made a decision to not even place a shield on my i4. but the FAQ section of the iCarbons site did say it was alright and the even recommended it. A week later… I am NOT recommended it. Leave the screen naked. It actually looks better to me anyway.  Just always do so at your own risk, you do take the chance of getting scratches and maybe even cracks.

After, I successfully placed the skin on the second time, making sure there was zero interference between the skin and the front facing camera I noticed that there were a few bubbles that looked as though I would be stuck to live with, unless hopefully worked themselves out. It did take some time to get it perfect around the front facing camera and I did have to readjust a couple times throughout the week, but it’s good now. @iCarbonsdotcom got everything right and the hole  is cut perfectly so, be careful when skinning your phone because if not placed perfectly you may have a small blur in your camera.

I was also having an issue with the iCarbons skin peeling up on the edge. This problem was solved immediately once I removed the shield and applied the skin directly to the phone.

So… One week later. How do I feel about my iCarbons Carbon Fiber skin on  my iPhone 4? I think it’s absolutely sick! I plan to order one in black for my old 3G[s], that I now use as an iPod.

Am I happy with my puchase? YES!

Would I buy again/another one? YES!

Do I recommend it?   YES!

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