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Posted: September 24, 2010 in Reviews
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Well, the wait is over! I got my iCarbon skin in the mail. I only had to wait about two days for it, but add that the two days I waited for $ to transfer to my Pay Pal, I had to wait like a week. Well, it’s been a very long week and now I can finally put something on my i4 that I actually will enjoy. All the cases I’ve seen for the i4 are functional but not exactly aesthetically pleasing to the eye, at least my eyes. Maybe, I just haven’t been looking hard enough and if I’m wrong let me know. Send me one or a link to the site where I can get them and I’ll do a review.

Now, I will say this, I did have one small issue right away. Not a problem, I want to make it a point to point out, that it was NOT a problem, but just a small issue. I don’t know why, but I was thinking that they came with a shield and although that would be a very nice addition to their product package it does not. No big deal. I just ran down to AT&T store and bought a couple of shileds. Not that I’ll be doing a review on them or even mentioning the, after this paragraph but I am using iLuv Glare Free Screen Protectors. They come two to a pack and were very simple to apply. Maybe too simple. If they start to bubble I will be doing a review, a BAD ONE.


My first thoughts out of the package were these look fucking awesome! A skin for the front, back, home button, and the Apple logo on the back of phone in black to contrast the white skin is what I got. I also received a cleaning cloth which I don’t think you can ever have enough of those guys. This came in a small plastic sleeve placed in a huge envelope, no fancy packaging but who needs it?

I went with white iCarbon Fiber skin. Now, no matter how much we wished, we knew, or least I knew that this white skin was not actually going to make my i4 look like the White iPhone4. Now, as cool as the white iPhone is, and it is cool, I should know I had the white 3G[s], it just isn’t really worth making a fuss over. Unless, you just keep your phone naked and run the high risk of scratching and/or breaking your phone, your phone will be covered by the case and therefore, white – black, it doesn’t really matter. I actually think it’s a prick move to buy the white iphone. I should know, because I can be a prick. sometimes. “Oooo, look at me! I have a white iphone.” Yeah, we get it. Now, I do realize I am completely contradicting myself, but I am admitting to being a prick, so the fact that I am talking down Mr. White iPhone guy and then trying to make my iphone white is not a contradiction, just a bit of irony. It’s like racist white people girls who tan all the time.

As this black cloud of irony floated over my white iCarbonFiber skin, I prepared my idevice to be skinned. I cleaned my i4 and examined each piece of my new iCarbon skin. I was surprised to see how thin they were and concerned if they would offer much protection. I will update in a week to let you know how that’s working out. My phone was clean, the pieces were laid out and was ready to skin.

Skinning my i

I admit the task at hand scared me. The iCarbonsdotcom site has a tutorial vid that makes it very easy for anyone to see how to install your skin. It’s still a serious and tidiuous task that you should take your time and perfect. Now, I myself, am very impatient. I also tend to be a perfectionist. These two charecteristics battle each other all day and most of the night.

I did run into a problem immediately on the first attempt. I was laying the front skin and it was falling slightly off to the left, so I peeled it back and while doing so I pulled up my new shield. It may have been my fault, however, because I had only let the shield set for an hour or so. I replaced the shield and waited…

My second attempt went way smoother and I had the part around the ear and front facing camera perfectly laid.

Then, slowly I had one of the thin sides going down the length of the front of the device laid, after that the other thin side, and finally the area around the home button. I debated placing the white Home button on and as you can see eventually I decided to go with it. The back skin was easy and other than laying the stem of the Apple I had no probelms with it all. It’s actually a very easy installation and they are made to be able to have multiple attempts so you can get it perfect.

Final Product

After spending about twenty minutes skinning my i with my #iCarbonsdotcom Carbon Fiber Skin, I had it installed. Perfection was not achieved, but it’s getting late so I am going to accept the tiny wrinkles I have in it. Although, to the naked flash of an eye, they will probably only be seen by me. Unless, examined closely I think they will go unnoticed. I can deal with that for tonight. I absolutely love the look it gives my i4. I also I’m comfortable now with keeping my phone in the same pocket as my keys without the fear of having it scratched to Hell – more than it already is, from the many drops and scratches that it received the first week I had it. Believe it or not , my AT&T store did not have any shields or cases the day I got my i4. Which was the first day they were available. Seems like a minor flaw in preparation for a major roll-out, what do I know. I don’t work at a cell phone store, I just spend lots of money at them, but that’s another rant.



  • I can not begin to tell you how much I love the look of iCarbons skins for the iphone4. The white skin on the black iphone gives a lot of contrast so you get a phone with a look that pops out at you. I wouldn’t say chess board pattern, but definitely the way a chess board hits your eyes, is the way an iCarbon skin iphone will hit your eyes. The black Apple logo on the back may be favorite thing about it.
  • I love the way the vinyl feels and the sound it makes when you run your finger nails across it. It’s a very distinct sound that reminds of something from my childhood, but I can’t place it. If it turns out to be something tragic from my childhood, I’ll probably have to ditch this whole iCarbon thing, but until then I’m going to enjoy it.
  • The vinyl also gives a very nice textured look. Overall it’s just a great design and they’ve done a great job


  • They are thin and bit flimsy, I would like to see them made thicker and stronger. This would provide more protection and I believe would make for an easier install. I’m sure they have done their research and have reasons for the thinner skin.
  • I would like to see a shield included, even if it meant raising the price few dollars, I think it needs one to give it that extra protection. It would really be nice if there was a way to have the front skin have a shield built in, so that it was one solid piece that would lay over the face.
  • I am having problems, and it’s probably user flaw, with the skin coming up on the edge when I hold losely by the sides or just move it around in my hand too much. I would recommend anyone who plays with phone in their hand and/or fingers to buy a pencil or something else to roll or flip around in your hand.
  • In the time that I’ve written this blog and had to pick up my phone to answer text or emails, I have accidently peeled back the skin and caused a patch of bubbles to form. I will give a day or two and if they do not go away I will just rock a naked screen and run risk of scratches. The site does say and actually recommend that you place your skin over a shield if you have one on your device. So this should not be an issue. Whether, it be user flaw or design flaw, it is a flaw.
  • Continuing from the previous issue: the back skin seems to holding strong without any problems. Due to that fact I am going to blame the shield and NOT @iCarbondotcom for this flaw. I will ask them for any suggestions and let you know what answers I get.
  • There is ONE design flaw I would like to see fixed that would really add some flare to the overall design. The home is solid white, however, a standard factory Home button i s black with the silver square in the center. There needs to be a black square in the center of the white button.

So, overall, I suppose you could say, I love my iCarbons skin. It looks great and as soon as I get the bubbles solved and edges from peeling, I know it will by far be one of my favorite non-app purchases for my iphone. I go through a lot of cases and enjoy having a variety and collection of cases I can switch daily if I wanted and for $24.95 my iCarbons skin is a great addition to this collection. With some small tweaks and improvements I definitely foresee iCarbonsdotcom having success and wish them well. I hope they take my feedback and all other feedback to better their product and gives us more great accessories.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section so I can answer them publicly.

  1. Joon says:

    I’ve had a great experience with iCarbons. Not to rash on you , but I have not had any of the problems with them other than the home button. I think they are user issue rather than design issues. Great product and review!

    • j7fk13 says:

      Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and you reply. I would encourage you to read my One Week Later Review blog in which I re-address the issues I addressed in this blog. iCarbonsdotcom Skins are a FANTASTIC product and I plan on using them many times to come. Again thank you for your feedback.

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