Not A News Source

Posted: September 15, 2010 in General
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So I’ve decided to start blogging about the iPhone. Well, at least about iphone mods and the jailbreak community. Now, this will NOT be a source for jailbreak news. There are already plenty of sites and sources for that. I mainly just want to try and focus on mod reviews. Tweaks and mods I’ve installed. Any themes that I may like and how to install them. And of course how to get any themes I make.

Now, I will of course blog about fake jailbreaks to let you know what to shy away from and when the NEW jailbreak does come out I may write a quick review on it. But any tutorials about the jailbreak I will leave to the pros. Listed below are some sites and people I recommend you pay attention to if you want to stay up on your game.

People to follow on twitter:

YouTubers on twitter:

I will post a #ff (Follow Friday) list to make it easier and to make this post shorter. I don’t want to leave anybody out. There are a lot of people out there doing stuff for us and if you want to stay up to date you need to know who they are. But respect them and give them time and space. REMEMBER they spend a shit load of time and effort makin sure we can stay jailbroken and they don’t make any money from this other than any donations we may give them. Which brings me to the end of my first blog.


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